Light Up And Chase


Remember that you ALREADY HAVE what it takes to DO the thing that lights you up. Leave hoping, wishing, and dreaming on the cutting room floor.

We dream CHASE because chasing is active – literally an ACTION verb. To chase means to pursue IN ORDER TO seize.

That thing that makes your eyes widen and your speech quicken is yours and yours ALONE. There is NO ONE past, present, or future who can do that thing the way you will.

Pay attention to this.

Your blueprint is unique, your design, one in forever. There has never been and never will be another you.

So chase. Set your gaze to megawatt and GO GET IT.

Image from: Alexandra of Alexas_Fotos

Who’s Ready To See the RING?

Heather Jabornik

The time has arrived, kittens.

We’re going to keep this baby short, sweet, and picture heavy because mama’s got to focus her time and attention on going big or going home. Wedding planning, job landing, self-caring, relationship nurturing, and move preparing are all on deck.

But who cares?? LET’S SEE THE ROCK!

Keil Elkins and Heather Jabornik first appointment at Mark Schneider's

Keil and I began working on my ring back in December of 2016. It took over three months from start to finish and was WELL worth it. I found Mark Schneider on Pinterest during a search of sculptural jewelers and WOW, the experience was everything I hoped for. We found out after we arrived that he’s the only living jeweler to have a piece on permanent display at the Smithsonian!

Here we are standing in front of Mark’s building in December, ready to go in and create!

Mark Schneider Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins 2

We came prepared with a vague idea of what we wanted. I knew I was interested in a purple stone and a sapphire seemed like the way to go. It’s a 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale (diamonds are a 10 and that’s as high as it goes!) so we knew it’d be a great stone to rock for every day lifelong wear.

I also knew I wanted a dropped outward facing halo, some kind of cool movement to the piece, for it to look like a solitaire from above, and to be draped in white gold.

Mark Schneider

The master at work!

Mark and his assistant Jovana were both a DELIGHT to work with. They took time to listen intently to us and show us examples of his work that had similar characteristics to our ideas. Finally, he busted out his sketchbook!

Mark Schneider Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins


Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring drawing

The original sketch!

I initially had my heart set on a deep purple sapphire (spoiler: they’re SUPER hard to find, especially at the size and cut we wanted, and we later decided that a lighter stone would have more diamond-esque sparkly qualities to it), which is why our sketch is colored in this beautiful deep violet blue.

You’ll notice Mark’s design includes his signature “secret heart.” We asked to have it in white gold rather than his classic yellow gold. The fun behind the secret heart is that a phrase of your choice is lasered onto the teeny tiny diamond that only you and your honey know and can only be seen under a microscope!

Keil chose a line from our song that made me swoon so hard when he finally told me.

Heather Jabornik wax model custom engagement ring

The next step after the sketch (and sourcing our gem – which took weeks, we did long distance, and ended up saying yes to after Jovana sent us approximately 8.5 billion photos and videos!) was to make a hand-carved wax model of the ring.

We went through a couple iterations of the wax before getting it just right and the approval of it was also done long distance. So much of our work on the piece was done over email, text, photos, and video because Keil lives 3 hours away from Mark’s studio in Long Beach and I spend most of my time with him. It was definitely a challenge, but worked out WONDERFULLY.

This was our final wax model with the correct height of the outward facing halo, correct swoops of the band to allow the entire visual of the gem from top to culet (the point at the bottom), and correct twist from the side view.

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring Mark Schneider

Here she is!

After Keil proposed, we noticed that my stone looked bright sky blue in sunlight, yummy grey-purple indoors, and deep blue or purple in other lighting variations.

We later learned from Jovana that the jeweler who sold her my gem didn’t realize that it’s a color changing sapphire! It was a total surprise to all of us and though I said no to a color changing stone when we first started our gem hunt months earlier, the surprise and beauty of it left me absolutely DELIGHTED!

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring 5

Solitaire from the top with a beautifully delicate and fluid band.

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring 4

Color change and slight view of the outward facing halo from an angle.

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring

Straight on with each twist crafted to perfection, culet in full view, and our secret heart looking like the finest detail imaginable!

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring 3


Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring 2

This side twist is my absolute favorite angle on the whole ring. We wanted to be sure that the twist of the band did not obstruct the culet from any angle. Isn’t it just DREAMY?

Heather Jabornik custom engagement ring 1

Stunning. I’m still stunned that this is mine. I’m stunned that Keil is mine. I’m stunned we dreamed this up and crafted the details of it together and that we had the privilege of working with such incredible artists and jewelers.

Heather Jabornik 2

Here’s to unimaginable dreams we don’t even know we have coming true.

Images from: Kelly Jo Kern & Keil Elkins

We Got Engaged in VEGAS, Baby!

The Gilded Sparkle

It’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for: KEIL AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!!

Please throw ALL of the sequins, rhinestones, and confetti! Just chuck them directly at our faces because we are overjoyed!!

The coming of this moment is what I’ve been DYING to share with you and the very reason my writing on Hiya Tootsie! has tapered off over the last few weeks. We’ve known for months (and have been planning the wedding and booking vendors well before our official engagement!) and it got to a point where it’s all I wanted to write about.


So here’s the quick recap on us before we jump into the engagement story:

Keil and I met on OKCupid back in May of 2015 by WAY accident – I’d extended my search to 350 miles and then wasn’t initially interested when he contacted me (!!), we started talking anyway and had our first date on May 31, 2015 in Hollywood, became offish July 19th, he met my family in January of 2016, we started openly discussing engagement and rings sometime within the last few months of 2016, we agreed it’d be rad for me to be a part of designing the ring, I found our jewelry designer a couple months before year’s end, and we began designing my ring in December of last year!

It took 3 MONTHS of working with our designer and his team from concept to completion (more on that in next week’s ring post)!

So suffice it to say, we’ve known and been sure for a while.

I also knew when he picked up the ring because I was with him for the trip!

I surprised him with Tough Mudder Half tickets for his 31st birthday back in December and we had Saiana and his little sister Jenna with us for the race. That was the perfect weekend to pick up the ring, so he took the girls with him to get it while he dropped me off for a sugaring appointment. He told me later that Jenna cried!

Jenna lives in Utah and was with us for a week at his place here in California. We’d planned a month in advance that we’d take her back to Vegas to her aunt’s house at week’s end where her mom would pick her up, and from there, have ourselves a quick one-night vaca.

I had a feeling he was going to ask me on this trip and thought I had it ALL figured out (I was super wrong and he surprised the hell out of me!), so of course, I wanted to prepare to look and feel AWESOME for the big moment.

Girls, right?

Heather Jabornik

I bought myself my first “Vegas dress.” It’s totally something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I finally had an excuse to make it happen because I 100% thought he was going to ask me the night we were there, and again, wanted to look AWESOME.

I did look awesome. This was the outfit. But he didn’t ask me that night and therefore I wasn’t wearing this outfit when he asked. Ha!


Our first stop after dropping Jenna off and before checking into our hotel was Margaritaville. It was 2pm and we were both famished after a 6 hour drive. He’d never been and I’d only been once before with my BFF years earlier.

We both got super fancy burgers and margaritas. His margarita was blackberry, mine was blueberry pomegranate, and they were both what I imagine Jesus would taste like if he were a mixed drink.

At lunch, we plotted our dinner plans. We’d already bought tickets to see Blue Man Group on the road trip a couple hours earlier, and since they were playing in our hotel, we decided we wanted to take the afternoon to hit the Strip and the evening to stay in for the show and dinner.


One of the last times Keil was in Vegas was with one of his besties. He told me at Margaritaville that there was this place called O’Sheas that we HAD to find because they serve frozen Baileys and I would lose my mind over them.


After walking the Strip in the warmth of the afternoon and seeing all the new stuff since we’d been there a year ago, we finally found this little Irish gem down a super snazzy side street with loads of other fun shops. I got the frozen Baileys and Keil got a frozen fireball. Imagine a small smoothie cup with drinks that have now taken the title for mixed drink Jesus.


After polishing off our boozie slushies, we made a beeline for our hotel to get checked in. Keil booked us at The Luxor – which neither of us had ever stayed at before – and holy crap it did not disappoint! You MUST go if you’ve never been. The entire center of the hotel is hollow all the way up to the tip top point of the pyramid!


I snapped this quick shot of him waiting in line to check us in because I love him and sometimes am creepy about it. Also, I walked the Strip in heeled boots – because fashion over function – and my feet were pretty much done.

It took a good 30 minutes to move through the check-in line, which left us 45 minutes to get ready. This might seem like no big deal on a regular day, but let’s not forget that we’d just been on a 6 hour road trip in which I wore zero makeup, had been walking around the Strip for 3 hours, and I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE THAT NIGHT.


He took a nap. Ha! I texted the besties during Project Rush Ready to tell them that I was no longer willing to put money down on the fact that I thought he was going to ask me on this trip because if he was, his game face was STELLAR. They played along (because they KNEW, those traitors!) and told me that it’s ok to be wrong sometimes and to just relax and have fun.

We ended up 10 minutes late to the show, but looked GOOD and were subsequently fine with it.


Upon making our way to the second floor and kibitzing with Will Call for our tickets, we learned that we were seated in the “splash zone” and that we’d need ponchos.

Remember that fancy dress I bought? I also bought fancy shoes and had on a fancy jacket. “What in the hot hell, ma’am behind the counter? Ponchos for WHAT?”



I knew I’d chosen killer seats for us when we drove into town. We were front and center, second row, and on the aisle, but I had no idea how small the room was and that we’d literally be 6 feet from the stage.


The good news is that the show was PHENOMENAL and the splashing was practically nonexistent. Neither one of us had a clue that the performance was percussion AND comedy. We both thought it was just a really fancy drum show.

Nope! The whole thing was silent slapstick with some of the most badass, glowing beats we’ve ever seen. The entire band above Blue Man Group was covered in glow-in-the-dark neon paint.

My favorite part was probably when they brought out these gigantic metal bug-like contraptions that they strapped onto their bodies that had extensions that moved on their own, but also had drums attached that each Blue Man would play while he walked around the stage with that sucker on his back.


The dinner restaurant we chose earlier in the day at Margaritaville was right across the hall from Blue Man Group. It was super fancy and romantic inside and after a couple minutes of looking at the menu, Keil told me that he needed to use my phone to make a phone call because he forgot his.

My heart began pounding immediately.

It was 9:30 at night. Who could he possibly need to call?

I immediately thought that this was the moment and that my best friend was about to pop out from behind a pillar to take pictures.

I gave him a funny look, handed him my phone, and he got up from the table to make his secret call.

I tried to calm down, was surprised by my heart-pounding reaction, and later learned that the call was to check on his plans for the following morning!

He came back to the table cool as a cucumber, and I became unsure all over again.

What was this man planning??

Keil Elkins Rice & Co Las Vegas

Literally the only reason I’m including this shot is because he’s such a handsome beast, I can’t even handle it. Also, sushi burrito. Also, MAN OF MYSTERY.

After dinner, we walked around some of the shops attached to the hotel, I tried on a pair of heels I’d been eyeing online, and a piece of neon orange confetti from Blue Man Group flew out of my boot.

We ended up spending some time in a music and sports memorabilia shop chatting it up with the dude behind the counter and learned all KINDS of crazy celebrity stories.

My favorite things in there were the autographed Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar and James Brown microphone!


After dinner and celebrity gossip, Keil asked if I wanted to grab a night cap in the casino before heading up to our room, so we made our way downstairs to the bar. He had a whiskey sour and I had a Malibu and orange.

My mind was racing at this point. It was 10:30pm. Was he going to ask me back up in our room?? Was Megan waiting up there to take pictures? Were there rose petals scattered everywhere? Was I just WAY off about this whole thing?

We finished our drinks, headed up to our room, opened the door, and he beelined for the bathroom to change and get ready for bed.

When he came out, I’d just taken off my shoes and he leaned against the wall and asked, “So, how long would it take you to just put on some light makeup in the morning?”


“I have something planned and want to leave kind of early.”

My heart leapt.

“How early is early? Are we talking 6am or FOUR am?” I was decidedly thinking that there was no possible way we’d leave that early, so I asked just for dramatics.

It turns out that dramatics were real life.

“Well, I actually want to leave by 5.”

WHYYYYYYY??! We’re on VACATION!!!!! WHYYYYYYY would you make me get up and leave by 5???”

“Because I have something planned and I can’t tell you about it.”

“But we’re on VACATION.”

“So how much time do you need? What time do you want me to set the alarm for?”



“4am!! Not because it’ll take me an hour to get ready, but because it’ll take you 30 minutes to get me up at that hour!!”

“4am. You got it.”

I nearly said to him, “This better be life-changing,” and told him sometime after the proposal that this almost flew out of my mouth.

We both laughed at that. Good thing it was!


The next morning, 4am rolled around sooner than was welcomed and Keil did his best to rouse me. 20 minutes later, I stumbled into the bathroom to start getting ready. Part of me knew that something was afoot and the other part was too delirious to think too hard about it.

He was super concerned with the time and it got to a point where he put my socks and shoes on for me while I brushed my teeth to get us out the door. There’s always a first for something! It was 5:10am!

I couldn’t figure out what we could POSSIBLY miss at that hour and began wondering if he wanted to take me somewhere to ask me at sunrise.

When we left, he was convinced that there was an elevator closer to our door than the one we’d been using, but there totally wasn’t, so we ended up literally running around the entire 27th floor of the Luxor until we got to the elevator that was right down the hall from us had we just turned left instead of right.

He also had to run back to our room to grab my adrenal supplements that I need to take every morning with breakfast while I raced around the floor to find the elevator.

We got our unexpected tour of the 27th floor, made it to the elevator, got down to the casino, and couldn’t remember how to get out to the car. There was a lot of speed walking, followed by more running when we finally found the exit.

When we got to the car, he was worried we’d be late, but was in good spirits, and the GPS said wherever we were headed was only a mile and a half away.

It was still dark out and the entire Strip was lit up. I told him that as unthrilled as I was to wake up at 4am, I was actually super glad we were doing this because I was a little bummed we wouldn’t see Vegas all lit up since we spent our previous evening being entertained in the hotel.

His phone rang while we were at a traffic light up the street and it was wherever we were headed calling to make sure we were coming. He assured them that we were on our way and almost there.

I still had no idea what was happening.

Heather Jabornik

In the Vegas dark lit up by the Vegas bright, we pulled into a tiny lot where I saw this sign and in slow motion, turned to him and said, “Stoopppp itttttttt.”

He just smiled.

I’ve wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride for YEARS. He knew this. What he didn’t know is that my dream proposal was also on a hot air balloon. Only one of my best friends knew this and I wondered immediately if she’d let him in on the secret.

I found out later that she hadn’t! How unbelievable is that? Once again, this man KNOWS me.

We got out of the car and I was still in joyous shock.


We opened the door to the tiny building and saw about 30 other people crammed in there waiting to go on a balloon ride as well. We signed our waivers, I kept not believing what was happening, and I snapped this quick shot of the Balloonist’s Prayer. Finally, we filed into a 12 passenger van that drove us 20 minutes outside the city.

Keil and I sat close during the van ride and I kept gushing about how excited I was. I was about to text the besties and my mom to tell them I thought he was going to propose when I thought better of it for a moment and realized it may be better to tell my mom AFTER we’re back on the ground. I asked him off the cuff if my mom knew and when he said she did, it dawned on me that this was definitely happening.


More internal joyousness.

Keil Elkins & Heather Jabornik Las Vegas Engagement

Our van dropped us at a side lot behind a hospital that we later learned had been the daily launch site for years. During our safety instructions, we heard all kinds of insane only-in-Vegas stories about what NOT to do.

“Please don’t get up on the edge of the basket to walk around. This has happened to me. They were Cirque du Soliel performers and were practicing.”

“Please don’t consummate your marriage in my basket. I know this doesn’t seem like I should have to tell you this, but this is Vegas and it has happened.”

“Please don’t get in the balloon if you’ve spent the entire previous evening drinking. I’ve had a girl throw up over the side of the basket for the entire duration of a ride.”

The unbelievable list went on.

More vans with balloon riders and vans with the baskets and balloons themselves showed up. The crew let small white weather balloons go to watch where they’d float. This would be the direction we’d go once we were in the balloon. Every single morning was different and knowing which way the wind was blowing also helped them decide how to lay the tarp on the gravel to lay out the balloon with the least amount of wind resistance to blow that baby up.

We were obviously both stoked and my war with 4am was a long distant memory.


We were probably on the ground getting instructions, signing more wavers that we understood what to do and what not to do, and watching them blow up the balloons for a solid hour or more. It was incredible to see how they got a balloon that big up off the ground. This is a fab action shot to see how it’s done!

Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins Engagement Las Vegas

While I documented our balloon’s progress, Keil was Keil and snuck this shot behind me when I wasn’t looking! I was so excited about the ride, I completely forgot that I thought he was going to propose!

Heather Jabornik

How incredible is this? We were one of four balloons that took off for the day and the energy was palpable. It was everyone’s very first time on our ride, which made it even more exciting!

Keil Elkins Heather Jabornik Las Vegas Engagement

Right before we took off, the crew came around to grab phones and snap pictures. These are the faces of a man with an engagement ring in his pocket and a woman who was so excited about the balloon ride, she forgot. Ha!

Heather Jabornik

We were the first to take off! See ya later, solid ground!

Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins Las Vegas Engagement

How BADASS?? This is straight up inside the balloon!

Keil Elkins Heather Jabornik Las Vegas Engagement

Up, up, and away! Our hour long ride floated us above a residential area of Vegas where we learned that the city paid all its residents to have their grass removed to save water. From there, we flew high above Red Rock Canyon and heard from our pilot how they’ve seen everything from cougars to bighorn sheep on their flights. We saw a falcon and two huge jack rabbits!

Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins Las Vegas Engagement

Once we landed in the desert, the crew who tracked us from the ground found us right off of Gas Line Road in Henderson, NV.

Keil and I parted from the group to search for some cool rocks. I had my mind made up that I would find a heart shaped rock (WHICH I DID) and we embarked on our rock hunt for a good 30 minutes while the crew tore down the balloon and got us ready to head back into the city.


We snapped this shot during our rock hunt MINUTES before the proposal!


Also, in case anyone’s curious, this is the extraordinarily flattering way they had us help get the last bits of air out of the balloon before they rolled it up and put it in the van.

Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins Engagement Las Vegas

At the end of every balloon ride, the pilot and crew break out a mini table, orange juice, and champagne for a toast and to tell the story of the very first balloon ride. We stood with our ride companions, listening and waiting to toss back champagne at 8:30 in the morning.

Very shortly after we toasted, Keil turned to the group, handed one of our ride buddies his phone, raised his voice, and said that we were just over yonder looking for cool rocks and that he found a REALLY cool rock.

He reached into his breast pocket, showed the camera and the crowd, and then swept his arm into the air with a grand gesture and shouted, “I’M GOING TO MAKE THIS WOMAN MY WIFE!”

As soon as he reached into his pocket I knew!

He turned to me, a smile as wide as the universe across his face, held it eye level, I laughed, and we kissed.

Everyone was clapping and “Woohoo!”ing when we heard a girl behind us who stealth snapped these photos say, “Wait, did she say yes?”


I laughed and said, “Yes! YES!”

Heather Jabornik Keil Elkins Las Vegas Engagement

We kissed again and were immediately surrounded by our balloon companions who handed out hugs like candy and shook our hands. Everyone wanted to see the ring and we got to share the whole story of how we’d designed it together.

A couple from the UK who was celebrating their year anniversary approached us and the woman told us she was a jeweler and asked to see the ring up close. She was blown away by the detail and what it took to make the piece and continued to congratulate us.

Perfect strangers wished us a long and happy life together and for just a moment, it struck me how universally exciting and sacred the proposal and acceptance of forever is between two people.

Keil Elkins Heather Jabornik Las Vegas Engagement

We road back to Vegas with everyone in our 12 passenger van and sat in the very last bucket seat together, just the two of us.

I couldn’t stop awe-ing over the ring, flashing it in the sunlight, and smiling. I looked at him wide-eyed and said, “You’re my FIANCÉ.”

He smiled and we kept awe-ing over the ring together. I asked him what the secret heart on my ring said and he wouldn’t tell me! I guffawed for a second and then seamlessly transitioned back to the distraction of the sparkly rock.

After we dropped some folks off at New York, New York, we made our way back to the Vegas Balloon Rides building to grab his car and head to breakfast. We planned to hit Avenue Café in the MGM. We ate there last year when we came to Vegas and it was fabulous – breakfast for DAYS.

I wanted to find the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign to nab a picture under, but we ended up finding the next best thing inside the MGM! After trying to take a selfie of ourselves, the ring, and the sign a good ten times to no avail, a sweet silver-haired woman asked if she could take a picture for us.



After our Welcome to Las Vegas pic, we made our way through the casino to our restaurant where we waited in a short line and were ushered to our table.

Out of every single table in the entire restaurant, our hostess led us to the exact same table we sat at last year! What are the odds?? I promptly declared that this was our spot from here on out, we ordered (gluten free french toast for the WIN!), and began Facetiming our loved ones.

Keil told me in the van ride back to the Strip that they all knew already, so every time one of them picked up the phone, they had a sneaky smile on their face!

We dined like kings and queens and finally headed back to the Luxor to check out and road trip back to Cali.

Keil Elkins Heather Jabornik Las Vegas Engagement

On the way inside, I asked Keil if we could stop to take a quick picture. Right above the Luxor pool, we snapped this baby and I’m so glad we did. We were both exhausted, but SO happy!

He checked us out while I packed up and bought a Luxor shot glass souvenir to keep in the bathroom and put my ring in when I take it off to wash my face.

As soon as we walked back outside to the car, we saw a MAJOR thunderstorm headed our way. Half the sky was bright and sunny and the other half was super dark.

We’d already made up our minds that we would cat nap in the parking garage before our 6 hour jaunt and when we did, the heavens opened up!

He napped. I made a photo collage and announced the news on Facebook – and then I napped!

On the car ride home, I asked again what the secret heart on my ring said.

After a lot of playful bantering and him telling me it would make more sense 10 years from now, he finally plugged his phone into the car stereo and blasted a song – our song – and told me the line of the song he had engraved on the heart’s diamond.


We were quiet for a moment when he asked if it was ok that he didn’t ask me on the balloon. He’d been planning on it, but just wasn’t feeling it when we were up there and wanted to wait until it felt right.

“Are you kidding? YES! It was awesome! I also think it’s funny that you didn’t ask. You just declared!”

He laughed and said, “Is it ok that I didn’t ask??”

I said, “Well, I certainly never pictured not being asked, but YES it’s ok! And if you really want to ask, ask me right now!”

He looked over at me from the driver’s seat with a slight smile on his face.

“Will you marry me, please?”


– – –

Stay tuned next week for close up shots and the story of the RING!

Images from: The Gilded Sparkle (She Said Yes), Heather Jabornik (2, 6, 10-11, 13- 16, 18- 21, 23-24, 27-30), Robert Vegas Bob Swetz via Active Rain (Margaritaville), Denise Truscello via Thrillest (O’Sheas), Travel Online (Luxor), Viator (Blue Man Group), Oyster (Rice & Co), Ballen Vegas (Las Vegas Strip), Keil Elkins (17, 22), Sue from Poughkeepsie, NY (25-26)

Meet The Dream Team

Keil Elkins & Heather Jabornik

Guess what? I still can’t spill my guts on all the exciting crap that’s going down in my world. I’ve let just a pinch of it fly on Facebook, but most everything is still super under wraps. So what I’ll do instead is spill my guts on me and Keil as a couple – who we are and what we love. Personal interest stories are always fun, right?

I call this photo Indie Rock Mafia.

One of Keil’s besties snapped it a couple weeks ago for part of the super secret hushes I can’t share yet. I feel like an ALL CAPS BADASS BISH in this shot and it got me thinking about two things: 1. How powerful, confident, capable, loved, and supported this relationship makes me feel and 2. How genuinely special we are together.

Keil and I each have our own unique passions – writing, spoken word poetry, ideas, possibility, and prophetic prayer light me ALL the way up, and motorcycles and all things vintage and gentlemanly hold his endless attention. But we also have four major passions that overlap:

Jesus, fashion, fragrance, and music.

I never stopped to think about the beauty of this overlap until recently because interest in these things come so effortlessly to both of us.

Sometimes in my quietest and most introspective moments, I wonder what the Lord has in store for us to accomplish together and just how unfathomably badass it’s going to be.

I mean, you guys, take Candy Ass for example. I created the orig all on my own, but I have a perfume line because of him. We created Kiss My and Red Hot together. He pushed me to make another fragrance a month after the original launched back in 2015 and I thought he was nuts. But because we were scheduled to fly out to the East Coast for him to meet my fam and that’s where my supplier is, we went into her shop, played together (for hours), and BOOM. Fragrance line.

That’s special.

Keil’s got an incredible eye for fashion. He realized last year that he absolutely loves scouting out unique and gentlemanly pieces and The Gentleman’s Proper was born. Who knows where it’ll take him, but isn’t that exactly how Sophia Amoruso got her start? I love all kinds of fashion as well, but if there’s one particular niche in the industry that makes me weak in the knees, it’s lingerie. I DREAM of having my own rock & roll lingerie line one day under the Hiya Tootsie! brand umbrella to continue empowering the hell out of badass broads everywhere. I love watching him light up when he finds a threaded diamond in the rough and I’m pretty positive he’ll have zero qualms with me testing out and showing off my line privately before each piece goes public.

That’s special.

We’re both musicians. Keil plays guitar, drums, dabbles on piano, sings, and though he doesn’t read music, can rattle off the key and chords of damn near every song just by listening. I sing, play piano, dabble on guitar, read music, and write. He shines when he leads worship and has dreams of landing a gig leading a full band at a church. I would fall over and die to create a spoken word/song hybrid outfit in the vein of Listener and Hotel Books. Really, all I want to do is write, spit, and sing, and the music can be left to someone else. It’s been a long held dream of mine to meet a man and have unlimited potential to make music together, and now here we are. I gave my life to Christ at a worship concert back in 2002 and he’s excellent at creating instrumental music. The possibilities are endless.

That’s special.

We’ve both been believers for years. When I watch Keil explain deep things of the faith to his daughter like when we stood in the kitchen and she had communion for the first time with saltine crackers and juice that I drank out of a shot glass, when I overheard him explain forgiveness to her, how deeply God forgives us, and how that’s how he wants us to forgive each other, when I see her lift both hands all the way up during worship because she saw him do it first, I see his capacity to teach, love, and lead with excellence. I was a missionary for 9 years prior to what I do now and my heart of hearts continuously boils down to loving people into their right identity and showing them who they really are and who they’re capable of becoming. It didn’t matter then if it was a college kid, porn star, or heroin addict and it doesn’t matter now if it’s a woman who needs someone like me to watch to show her how to chase down her dreams. What Keil and I could do together because of the powerhouse of Jesus at the center of our faith makes me choke up.

That’s special.

Sometimes I think these type of overlapping passions and dreams are much more vulnerable than others. It’s one thing to have dreams for your own life, business, and bucket list, but the moment someone else’s beating heart enters the picture, shit gets real in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Keil’s a mailman by trade and I’ve been freelance writing to pay the bills (and am currently freaking out over the companies who’ve shown interest in hiring me!), but when I think about what’s possible and where we could land, I’m totally awed.

This is who we are and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Image by: Samuel Ross Novinger

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