Badass Broads You Should Know: Anastasia Amour


Name: Anastasia Amour

Age: 24

Location: Australia

Career: Body Image & Self-Esteem Coach


Favorite quote or lyric:

“i fell apart many times.


what does that say about me

besides that I live through wars.” – Nayyirah Waheed, ‘Salt’

HYT: Make us fangirl. Who are you, what are you about, and what dream(s) are you chasing down?

ANASTASIA: Ahoy there! My name is Anastasia and I’m a Body Image & Self-Esteem Coach. In real speak, that means that I get to spend my life working with women from around the globe, helping them conquer their body fears and embrace self-love!

It’s a big ask, but I’m on a mission to change the world. I did some research back in 2014 of women from U.S.A., Australia, Canada, the U.K. and Europe, and do you know what I found? A freakin’ INSANE 97% of women admitted to at least one moment of body hatred every single day of their lives. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And the 97% were those who admitted it! The remaining 3% weren’t totally free of body loathing, either. That broke my heart – but also strengthened my dreams to change that. I want every woman to know that she is worthy, whole and enough just as she is, and it’s my aim to make that happen – through disseminating resources, preaching self-love and leading by example, as well as through education and programs to get women immersed in body positivity. I’d love to live in world where we didn’t have to have Photoshopped bodies shoved down our throats in every form of media, and I’m hopeful that that can happen one day.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done!


HYT: Give us some background. How’d you get started on your dream chasing journey and where are you in the chase present day?

ANASTASIA: After struggling with and recovering from near-fatal anorexia, I always knew that I wanted to help other women defeat their body image demons. I was dismayed at the lack of practical resources out there, and I wanted to be the change in the world that I needed. Buuuut… I doubted that dream, I thought it was too big and I had no idea how I’d make money. So I put it on the back burner and went off to university to study public relations. During that time, I hated P.R. but I was good at it, and I was heavily clouded by the fear of not being able to support myself. I knew there was some good money that I could make in P.R. so I stuck with it.

After I got my degree, jobs in P.R. were scarce, so I ended up working in marketing for a local agency. The pay was alright, but my gosh, the work sucked my soul dry. It was everything I hate about marketing – overly salesy and incredibly deceptive. It brought up some massive feelings of inner conflict for me and I was stressed beyond belief. My dream of helping women with their body image started to shout louder and louder in my mind, and I started to pursue this on the side (but still, I doubted its potential). The final straw of my marketing agency job was when I started getting spontaneous stress-related nose bleeds at my desk because I just felt so awful about the work that I was doing. I called my boss into a meeting that afternoon and quit, with no backup plan.

It was foolish, I know. And the only reason I was able to do that is because my husband (who was still in ‘boyfriend’ status at the time) was bringing in a steady full-time wage that I could fall back on for a while.

During that time, I decided to pursue my Body Image Coaching dream, but I also knew that I needed to be bringing in some money – so I also set up a freelance marketing consultancy, and I exclusively worked with women who were actively chasing their dreams. That was super empowering to help others reach their dreams! It allowed me to get some supplementary funding whilst I set up my dream biz and studied on the side in psych and eating disorder recovery. It was a hectic period of my life, but so worth it.

These days, I’ve been able to ditch the supplementary marketing biz (except for a few clients that I still do occasional work for because I love ’em so much!) and I’m Body Image Coaching full time. Of course, there’s still work to be done in terms of setting up processes to make the cash flow constant (because no one likes to worry about money), but it’s in a good place, and I’m thankful!

Whenever those money fears hit me, I try to interrupt that anxiety with gratitude. Because let’s be fair, I have so much to be grateful for!


HYT: Let us peek behind the curtain. What does a typical day look like for you?

ANASTASIA: Working from home has some huge advantages for me, and I love the flexibility that it offers! It also means that each day can be quite different – I like to keep things as varied as possible to prevent myself from getting cabin fever. Generally though, here’s what a day roughly looks like for me:

I wake up at around 6am, do a quick check of my emails as I sip my morning cappuccino and spend some time with my gorgeous husband and dog. My work day officially starts at 7.30am and I’ll usually spend around 2-3 hours going through and replying to emails from my clients, updating any social media posts that require it, and whenever I can, jotting down the structure of a topic that I’d like to put into an article. If I can, I like to take a break mid-morning to get away from screens for a bit and have my lunch (I’m a fan of early meals!). The afternoon is a mixed bag, but I like to make sure I get in some time each day for research. And of course, that schedule is constantly subject to change depending on when I have client sessions booked!

On Fridays, I like to take as much of the day off as possible to devote to self-care. I have a nasty habit of overworking myself so making self-care a dedicated effort is super important for me! When it’s cool enough (rare, in my exceedingly warm part of the world!), I like to take a nice hot bath to relax with some of my favourite tunes. Doing something creative is one of my favourite acts of self-care. I’ve recently taken up sewing and that’s proving to be a nice challenge!


HYT: Real talk. What are you most afraid of as you work toward your dreams and what do you do to combat those fears?

ANASTASIA: This is a big and important topic. Relevant too as right now, I’m feeling fear in a big way.

I feel like as business owners – particularly female business owners – we’re force fed this idea that we need to shut up about our fears, lest we reveal ourselves as vulnerable. There’s still so much stigma and bias around being a woman in business and I think a lot of us are afraid to admit that we’re actually afraid. I’ve definitely grappled with that… feeling like I need to be the kickass, #GirlBoss, Queen-of-my-world solopreneur every single day. And yeah sure, sometimes I feel like that. But not always.

Sometimes I just want to sit on the floor in my hallway and cry and drink merlot all day (I did that last week). The fear of failure has been hitting me particularly hard this month. The whole cashflow thing… making enough money constantly… it’s one of those topics that has always really messed with me. So when I encounter a sales slump month (like I am right now), sometimes the inner mean girl in my head really kicks me around. Those thoughts start trickling in: “I’m not good enough. I’m going to fail. Everyone is going to know that I’m failing. What if things don’t pick back up?” They start to run rampant. One of my biggest issues in business has been finding the middle ground between naive optimism and incredibly calculated strategy. One of my biggest character flaws is that I’m horribly impatient and so in tougher months, I start to feel myself getting really reactive – but it’s important not to do that. So in those moments, I can feel horribly stuck between wanting to make sure business keeps growing, but not knowing if it’s a case of needing to be patient.

It all comes back to the big theme of, “Am I doing enough?”

So, that’s the headspace that I’ve been in for a couple of weeks, and it sucks. I received some wonderful advice to trust the process, to know that all businesses will have ‘off’ months, and to use those to your advantage – relax, get side projects done, re-energize yourself. So that’s what I’m trying to do and it’s helping, for sure. Sometimes I need to remind myself of my own self-care advice. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to be more patient, either (that’s something that I’m consistently working on).


Side note: It’s actually really lovely to be asked openly about fears in business, and not have to feel like we all have to constantly pretend to have our shit together at all times.


HYT: Go ahead and name drop. Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

ANASTASIA: My Mum is my biggest inspiration (she wrote the foreword for my book!) and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She’s endlessly supportive, a total badass, and my best friend.

I admire and respect the hell out of any woman who can fearlessly pursue her dreams, embrace who she is ,and defy all stereotypes. That takes courage and guts… to embrace who we are is no small task and any woman who can do that amongst a culture that actively profits from our self-doubt? That’s totally inspiring to me.

There are far too many amazing women who inspire me to name, but some of my favourites right now are: Jes Baker, Amy Poehler, Ashley Graham, and Nayyirah Waheed.

HYT: Let’s talk goals. Where do you aim to be 5 years down the line?

ANASTASIA: I’ve learned that setting numerical goals for myself doesn’t make me happy. In 5 years, I would hope that I’m still doing what I love, still helping women across the world with body image, and hopefully getting my message out there to a wider audience! On my goals lists are summit and talk show appearances, I’d love to give a TED talk, and I’d absolutely love to collaborate with schools for a media literacy program. Whether or not those specific goals take that form, I don’t know… but I hope for fulfilment and contentment, whatever form those goals take!


HYT: Give it to us straight. What’s your best piece of advice to other women that you’ve personally followed on your own dream chasing journey?

ANASTASIA: Without a doubt: Make time for self-care!

It’s something that I’m constantly telling my clients and women that I talk to… and one of the things I most need to remind myself of, too! Chasing down dreams is rad, invigorating, and inspiring, but all that work and hustle can leave you feeling burned out if you don’t make time for recreation, fun, and joy that’s not related in any way to your work. So many women have a Superwoman complex and want to do everything themselves and be 100% functioning all the time, but we can’t pour from an empty cup and we can’t best serve others if we’re not taking care of ourselves.

And if I can cheat slightly on this question and add in a 2nd piece of advice, too: Don’t water down your dreams to appease others. There will always be naysayers, there will always be folks who doubt you and want to bring you down because your success/hustle/ambition intimidates them (or reminds them that they’re not following their own dreams). Don’t listen to those people. Don’t let negativity bring down your big dreams.


HYT: Anastasia. GIRLFRIEND. I adore you. I vibe so hard with you and your work on so many levels and count it a privilege to share your wisdom. Thank you for keeping it vulnerable, real, and for being such a brave, shining example of exactly what a badass broad looks like. Your work and the heart behind it are so incredibly necessary and I thank God for you, girl. Oh and as an aside, your Self-Love Cards are INSANELY cool!! Keep kicking ass you smart as a whip, compassionate, wise, and gorgeous woman!

Tootsie crew, follow this woman. Seriously. I am constantly impressed with everything she puts out into the world and how she handles her work, crew, and even her detractors with such love, passion, and grace. And? We ALL fall into that 97%. Let’s take ownership of it and do something about it. Anastasia is the perfect person to lead the charge!!

Images from: Anastasia Amour

Want To Know My Secret Sauce For Influence & Success?


I’ve been privately dealing with an uncomfortable situation over the last few days. I had a woman write me late last week wanting to know if I’d promote her product on my Facebook page. She’d fallen on hard times and decided to try me for help. I get requests from completely kick ass women to promote their work/service/product every week. I told her that I have a personal policy not to push everyone’s stuff because of the volume of requests, but encouraged her to be brave and go for it herself.

My soft no coupled with encouragement was not received well. In order to protect her dignity, I won’t go into the layers of her subsequent responses, nor exactly what I’ve been professionally trained to recognize them as, but I will say that this is not my first rodeo. Regardless, it still sucks. The emotions this produced in me were par for the course in my previous trigger-happy profession, but this is a first for me in Tootsieland. I took the situation to my best friend and a trusted entrepreneurial community and asked them what they would do. I got a WEALTH of wisdom, input, advice, and opinion, and I think the position I’ve landed on is to trust my gut (and my training) and no longer further engage.

I hate the feeling. One of the things I’ve struggled with most since childhood is the perceived feeling of being a disappointment to someone. There’s nothing in the world that feels worse to me. Subsequently, I’ve been working for years on overcoming learned codependent behavior patterns. I want to see people succeed. I want to be a part of that success. But I also want to stand in my power, hold my boundaries, and remind myself every damn day that I am no one’s savior and my continued growth and healing looks like recognizing the difference between helping because it feels good and right and being bated to care. I will always care. Every single time. I am not a “give no f*cks” woman. I give a f*ck constantly. My work is to recognize and act on what feels healthy to me and close the door on anything that stands out of alignment with those hard won emotional lessons.


To be clear, I do not run every request for promotion through this admittedly daunting personal assessment process. I simply approach the whole thing pragmatically. I have a personal policy to only share things I am JAZZED about. This is not to say that I’m not excited for every single woman who comes to me. You guys are doing INCREDIBLE stuff and I am so freaking proud of you. To be honest, I’m surprised every single time someone comes to me because I’m over here like, “What’s so special about me? I’m still new to all of this too. I don’t have strategies, I just do what feels good.”

During our discussion yesterday on how to handle this present situation and future situations with other people, one woman who had previously approached me about this very thing spoke up and I am SO glad she did:

“Hey Heather, I’d like to weigh in because when I asked you a few weeks ago to basically do the same thing (do some sort of shout out on your page about my startup’s beta version), you politely told me the same thing. I totally understood and respected your position, even though I was definitely bummed. The lady you speak of in this post has sort of the same sentiment I did which is, “I shared your products and posts, I voted for you in all the competitions you were in, etc, so why won’t she support me back?!” I think the biggest thing I took away from all of this is YOUR bravery. You publicly ask people here in this private group and on your personal FB page all the time to buy or share. If the lady in your post (or even me!) started doing that – sharing our own stories – we wouldn’t need to ask you (or other people) to do it for us. It seems easier for you than us so maybe you could offer people like myself and her some tips on how to self-promote and not be afraid to “ask” in the same way you do. So maybe you could one day put a little e-book together or something!! Because you never asked me (or her) DIRECTLY to share your stuff, you just said, “Hey guys! Look at what I’m doing!” and we all just wanted to share out of our own will (unlike a specific request to). I would like the magic recipe for that because it would be more helpful than a promoted post anyway!”

So. You want to know my secret sauce for influence, promotion, and success?

It’s to be myself.

That’s it. Feel free to throw tomatoes now.


I am a naturally excitable person and if I’m STOKED OUT OF MY MIND about something (this happens pretty frequently over both large and small things), I’m going to talk about it. I’m naturally good at communication, both verbal and written, and I have training in both. My degree is in Professional Writing and I worked in ministry for 9 years, where I learned a ton about nuances of language and how to approach people. In this, I’m naturally good at storytelling. I literally can’t tell my best friends, boyfriend, or parents about something that happened without giving a detailed play-by-play. I think because I’m a writer, my brain is just naturally wired this way. To me, the details are what MAKE the story and I’ve learned that they’re also what make it heartfelt, humorous, and relatable. The details are what build connection.

I’ve done a ton of personal work around choosing vulnerability, rejecting the superwoman cape I wore for years, and actively viewing the showcasing of my softer side as a form of ballsy, badass bravery. Brené Brown’s work has been an incredible guide in this arena.

I am naturally good at inspiring other people. I think this might be in part to my excitability level and might be in part to my personality as an ENFP. And on this note, to get spiritual on all your asses for just a sec, I’ve been prophesied over on numerous occasions that I am to use my voice and to influence the influencers. I’ve come to embrace this as simply part of the divine design.

I’m not afraid to own what I think is right, good, cool, worthwhile, etc. I am an extremely passionate person and am more than willing to put myself out on a limb for anything that I see as being bigger than myself. As an example, this is exactly why I have no trouble making the leap from creating a perfume for fun, naming it something ridiculous that made me laugh and reminds me of the tattoo I have on my ass with my BFF, realizing that for whatever reason, it makes me feel like a BOSS and that I can do anything when I wear it, wanting to share that feeling with all of you, making it available to buy, and positioning it around this feeling of being a badass broad who’s chasing her dreams. Who leaps from candy scented perfume to dream chasing? I do because it’s a perfectly linear connection in my mind and it’s bigger than me.

This perfume makes me feel a certain way and I want you to feel it too. If I can do it, you can do it. You’re the bigger picture. And to further this example, you are my big scale why. I want you to go kick ass and chase your dreams and make a difference in the world because we need you. But my smaller, personal scale why is because I’ve got a to-be family on the horizon with Keil and Sai and now that I run a business, I LOVE the idea of offering you something tangible to remind you that you have what it takes to chase down your dreams AND having you know that when you receive this thing from me that is truly for your benefit, you are ALSO contributing right back to me for my benefit and my dreams. It’s story. It’s big picture and personal picture. It’s for you, it’s for me, it all makes sense. It’s just how my brain works. What I’m discovering is that the thing that makes it work is that it’s relational.


Everything I do is based on relationship. This is the core of where I find influence and success. I’ve recently expanded my offerings to include freelance writing, editing, social media, and consulting work. I don’t have a fancy freelance-specific website to share samples of my work for these gigs. Private message me with your project desires on Facebook and we’ll chat. Informal. Easy. Whatever. Yet I’ve been consistently hired since I started giving this thing a whirl 3 months ago. Why is this? First of all, I pray my ass off. My private spiritual life is vibrant and I ask for what I want and need. But second, I’ve put in the time to simply be who I am, show the skills I have by proxy, and build TONS of relationships. I’ve never had some kind of major strategy. A goal to earn a living to fund my personal dreams and business? Yes. But a strategy? Not really. Is kindness a strategy? Is a genuine desire to offer what I’m good at to see someone else succeed a strategy? Is being direct and sharing my journey, story, and what I’m saving for a strategy? No. It’s just what comes out.

Part of my work in navigating success is paying attention. I had no idea competing in the FedEx contest would grant me the kind of support and exposure it did. I also didn’t know what else to do to remind people to vote other than do what comes naturally and share my life, story, hopes, and dreams. I noticed when I started sharing photos, telling stories with them, and connecting my story and desire to win that grant to a bigger picture of my biggest personal and professional dreams, people responded. So I kept doing it. It felt good to me and it felt good to them. I didn’t win the grant. But what did happen was that people started telling me that I’m excellent at social media and I should look into doing freelance work. So I tried out offering it and I kept getting hired. I also figured it couldn’t hurt to offer copywriting and copyediting because what people were actually seeing were those skills. I did what felt right, got feedback, listened, and something clicked.

This is the same thing that’s been going on for the last week with expanding my biz to offer consulting. I’d been kicking around the idea of The Badass Broads Consult for MONTHS. It just never felt right to officially launch until last week. Again, there was no strategy to this. I just paid attention to what felt right and decided to try. I’ve also put nearly 2 years into Hiya Tootsie! and have showed up consistently to encourage and advise and it felt appropriate to offer something new right now. It should be noted, I have training in this as well. These consulting sessions are in effect what I did for the 9 years I was in ministry. I have a very specific and unique set of trained and learned skills that I picked up in my previous profession that allow me to do what I do now with excellence. There’s no big secret to it. It’s just part of my story and what I have to offer. I refuse to offer anything that I’m not kind of a beast at. Why waste my time or anyone else’s?


Another rule of thumb for me is to be so real it’s disarming. This isn’t a strategy. It’s just who I am. I’ve never been great at small talk and have always been the person who wants to go deep and have a 5 hour conversation at a party. People have told me their deepest secrets upon our first meetings my entire life. I don’t know exactly why this is, but I have noticed that part of what makes all of this work for me is that I’m naturally perceived as trustworthy and that I hold safe space. It’s personally important to me to maintain a consistent, strong character, and so the perception is actually real. I am not a perfect person by any means, nor do I have any desire to be because of how heavy that burden is, but I do have a strong track record of consistent character that I carry with me that is extremely important to me to present, even if it’s completely subconsciously.

I also make myself visible. I picked one entrepreneurial community on Facebook that I vibed HARD with from the very beginning and stuck with them. They know who I am. I know who they are. I friended a lot of them and have gotten to know them. I just like people and relationship and this felt good for me. A lot of people don’t like mixing their business with their personal stuff and I’m the exact opposite. I don’t compartmentalize well and so it makes sense for me to do business and personal stuff online all at once. This was a personal decision and it just ended up working for me.

My point to all of this is that there is no secret sauce.

If there’s a sauce at all, let’s remove the perception of secrecy and just call it the Be Who You Are sauce.

You guys, I can’t dance like Beyoncé. I WISH TO GOD THAT I COULD. How sexy and badass is she? I could try to imitate her all day long for years and I still wouldn’t have what she has. And you know why? Because I’m not Beyoncé. Shocking, I know. Can I learn some skills from her and do it my way, a way that feels authentic to me, and works for me? Yes. And I shall because why would I not bless Keil like that one day? HA! Ahem. Moving on.

Anyway, it’s the same thing here. If I have anything to bring to the table that anyone likes, feel free to learn from it what you will. Apply it to yourself if it works for you. Don’t dare copy. Nobody but tourists dig impersonators and even they get over it pretty quickly. I lived in Hollywood right off the Boulevard for 3 years, so I feel like I can say that with some authority. Be who you are. NOTICE who you are. Try stuff along the way and pay attention to what works. Do what feels good. Don’t force anything that’s not working. You WILL find your groove.

And honestly, if someone you admire has something you want and they make what they do available for hire, freaking hire them for it. Whatever you do, approach it with the mindset of creating a win-win.


Also, I don’t want anyone to leave this piece with the notion that we should never ask for favors. Ask for favors. Never be afraid to ask. But if you do ask, approach it from a place of power and worthiness and be open to nos. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of nos that are handed out are not because people don’t actually want to help. It’s because they have other shit going on in their lives and that shit is real and valid. It could be anything from time restraints to contracts to personal policies to their period. Your job is to respect them enough to accept their answer. This is part of being brave and asking and it’s also part of being professional, owning your own power, being responsible for your own emotions, and maintaining a strong character. Every no leads you closer to a yes. So keep asking. But also, do the damn work.

I do not have expectations around people jumping on board with whatever vision I’m feeling and stoked out of my mind about. They have their own lives and brands to uphold. For example, I’m gearing up to officially launch the Candy Ass LINE in about 6 weeks. Hollerrrrrr! This will mean that my entire shop page on my website needs a major overhaul. One of the things I’d like to do is update my testimonials because you all have given me EXCELLENT reviews over the last year. I’ve also received on-the-fly reviews from women like Gala Darling and Kimra Luna. I sent Gala, Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride, and Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet (my designer!) perfume bottles when I first launched last year to say thank you because they are the ones who inspired me to start blogging and ultimately start a business. I love those girls and it felt good to basically say, “LOOK AT THIS THING YOU INADVERTENTLY BUT TOTALLY HELPED ME MAKE! THANK YOU FOR BEING SO RAD!”

Gala hopped on Periscope a few months ago and mentioned receiving it. I want to ask her for a review for my site. She may say yes, she may say no, I’m fine with whichever answer. But why not ask? The same thing applies to Kimra. I featured her on an early Badass Broads You Should Know, was involved in her Freedom Hacker’s community and asking lots of questions during launch last year, and she commented and made a joke that if anyone wanted to get her something for Christmas, she wanted Candy Ass. I sent her a bottle just because she’d done my Badass Broads column and I figured it was a nice gesture to just send her one because A. surprises are fun and B. sister is BUSY running her business. Just like Gala, she unexpectedly went on Facebook Live and talked about some things she’d gotten in the mail recently, including Candy Ass. Both Gala and Kimra seemed to dig it and I know having an endorsement from either one of them would do nothing but help me and my brand. More than business crap though, I dig them as people and it would just mean something to me personally. I’m going to ask. But I’m not going to rely on either one of them for shit. This is my business and I’m in charge of doing the work and making it happen.


For me, that’s going to look like either learning crap that makes me want to walk into traffic (Facebook ads and sales funnels) or hiring someone else to do those things for me. I’m ready to take Candy Ass to the next level and really work on building a sustainable business from it, so I’m going to figure it out along the way, work with the resources I have, and just go for it.

I think that’s what we’ve all got to do. Figure it out as we go, utilize our available resources, and go all out. This is just determination and a commitment to try. Fear of failure will never be our friend. We all feel it and yet success is usually right on the other side of flipping it off and pushing through anyway.

So go for it, you guys. Play to your strengths and kill it. That’s genuinely all any of us can do. And if you need some outside resources to help you hone in on what makes you YOU, take the Strengths Finder Test, the Myers Briggs Personality Test, read Daring Greatly and How To Win Friends and Influence People, watch I Am Not Your Guru, say a freaking prayer and ask for some divine revelation, ask your friends and loved ones to reflect back to you where you shine, ask yourself what you naturally like to do and what you’ve always been good at, assess what skills, tools, and training you’ve picked up along the way, and just do the damn thing.

You’ve got this. I’ve got this. Let’s go be who we are and call it a day.

Images from: Peter Coulson, Rankin, Amelia In WonderlandEkaterina Belinskaya via BehancePaola Kudacki via Fashiontography, Nati Keren via 500px, ASH

Introducing The Badass Broads Consult


My people. The time has come for Hiya Tootsie! to jump off the screen and strut into the real world. It’s one thing to read inspiring crap on the internet. It’s another thing entirely to rock dream chasing badass broadhood one-on-one, LIVE. It’s time to advise you, your situation, and your dreams DIRECTLY.

Welcome to The Badass Broads Consult.

This offering has been simmering for months. I first told you about it on my personal Facebook in the spring. Last week, I brought it up again. As it turns out, you WANT this.

HYT! started as an advice blog, expanded into highlighting your voices through our guest posts and Badass Broads You Should Know column, then morphed into sharing my own dream chasing story, while simultaneously maintaining our this-is-how-you-slay roots. Then we launched Candy Ass to get a physical reminder in your hands that you have everything it takes to chase down your dreams. I started taking on your writing, editing, and social media projects to serve you and your dreams even more a few months ago, and now we’re upping our game with an offering that focuses on you ENTIRELY.

Truthfully, as I got to know you online over the last couple years (you all are ridiculously kick ass), I kept dreaming of more personal ways to serve you. Hiya Tootsie! is an excellent resource for ongoing inspirational advice, but the one thing it can’t do is listen to, encourage, and ultimately advise YOU specifically.

Until now.


The Badass Broads Consult is a 50 minute one-on-one Skype session to hash out you-specific action points in your personal dream chasing/badass broadhood arena.

The specifics are entirely up to you based on what part of your journey you want consultation on. I did this for 9 years in my previous profession, but in wildly different settings, and have been itching to bring this hyper personal touch back to my work.

Sessions just opened yesterday and are an introductory 100 bones a sesh. 

My only requirement is that you have a clear idea of what you want consultation on and that you are ready to do the work to see it through. I want to feel the fire in your belly. Even if you don’t know the how just yet, the determination to kick ass is the what that will make it work. Over the last decade, I’ve earned the experience and expertise of working closely with and advising women through the specifics of their journeys to the point that I have nothing but excellence to bring to the table. I expect the same from you. Your dreams deserve it.


On a personal note, The Badass Broads Consult is nothing if not a two-way street. It became apparent to me early in my work just how vital it is to chase down our dreams together. No woman is an island and frankly, we’d sink if we tried to charter these waters solo. In this, I am not without my own dreams. If you’ve journeyed with me for half a second, you know that my greatest professional dream is to see Candy Ass in the hands of women all over the planet and my deepest personal dreams are to marry my man, become a step mama to his little girl, and create a home for us.

I am laser focused on my personal dreams. Keil and I have no formal announcements to make just yet, but the wheels to see this dream through are in motion. And that’s all I’m going to say about that! Ha! By rocking The Badass Broads Consult and allowing me to contribute to your life and dreams, you are directly contributing to mine. Two-way street. Sisters dream chasing together. The only badass model there is.

If I can’t show up on your doorstep, hug your neck, slap your ass, discuss your dreams, and throw back some Baileys with you in person, the least I can do is hop on Skype and talk you through how to get shit done. Your dreams and your womanhood matter. There is no one – past, present, or future – who has what you bring to the table. I’m here to blast courage into your veins and show you how to own it and do it.

Fill out this mini questionnaire to book a session and upon approval, I’ll shoot you an email to get your Badass Broads Consult on the books. If you want to book more than one session in advance, go for it.

You are excellent, worth it, and you know it. I’m stoked as hell to work with you.

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How Fear Can Block You From Your Dreams And Badassery


My fears are full of shit and yours are too. Why? Fear is something we concoct in our minds to stop us from doing what we want to do. We sabotage ourselves and give a million reasons why we can’t follow our dreams and badassery. But if we didn’t have fears, then how could we push through and get out of our comfort zones like the badasses we truly are?

I’m here to give a little insight on myself and to share with you what I have done to push through those barriers we so harshly place on ourselves – to be strong, independent women who have dreams and are working on making them a reality. I never thought I was a fearful person until I went on an emotional journey and wrote my feelings down on paper. I wrote down so many things that blocked me mentally and was surprised by how fearful I was, especially when it came to my dreams. There are things, even without realizing it, that I told myself that I COULD NOT DO. If I had not come to these conclusions, I would be stuck without progress and without feeling flipping awesome about myself.

Fear #1: Not Enough Knowledge

I thought I didn’t have enough knowledge to share with people. The truth is, I do! I have learned and experienced quite a bit and even when I may not have the answer to something, I can admit to it and learn from it. Honesty is a good quality to have, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Believing in yourself is also important. Just by your energy, eye contact, and body language, your clients/customers will take note and form a positive opinion of you.

I thought I had to make huge strides in order to be successful, but the truth is that any step, no matter how small it is, is better than taking no step at all. Do not fear starting small or slow, we all have to start somewhere. Just start! Example: ask someone to write a blog post for their site or work on your own site for 15 minutes during the week. Any effort you put toward your dream is good progress!


Fear #2: Don’t Know How To Ask For Help

So many people don’t know how to ask for help or find support. Just because you don’t know how to figure something out on your website, or how much to charge for your program, or even need to ask someone to look over your work, doesn’t make you a failure! It took me a while to grasp this concept. Asking for help will further your steps towards your dreams and push you to your next goal.

Fear #3: Comparison

Another huge fear-maker is comparing yourself to others. I myself have done this on multiple occasions. It served me no purpose and won’t serve you any purpose either! When you see that someone is where you want to be or they are “ahead” of you when it comes to their passion, remember that they were once where you are. They made it to their goal because even though they were afraid and doubted themselves, they didn’t give up. They pushed through those barriers like a bat out of hell. Why? Because they had dreams, and to fulfill those dreams, they did whatever it took!

Fear #4: Setbacks

Setbacks can be brutal. We all have things happen in our lives to make us get off track. Maybe a client can no longer do your program or you have to stop working on your site for some time. This can be discouraging and fear can grow from being discouraged. It’s very easy to get stuck in this fear mindset. What I try to do is breathe, seek support, and figure out another game plan. The longer you’re stuck in negative thoughts, the longer your fears will stay with you and grow.

Just because you have to backtrack, doesn’t mean you will never make progress. I had to stop saying, “I’m building my passion filled dream” (I use this phrase instead of “business”) because too much was going on in my head and I was skipping steps that were important. Some things are just good for us. There is no easy way out of building your passion. The fear here is “losing” what ideas you’ve had or what you’ve already accomplished. However, it’s hard to accomplish anything when you skip steps or goals to build and fulfill your dreams.


A final important note: stop listening to other people! I get it. Some people share their opinions because they are looking out for our best interests and have experienced similar things in their lives. But we all experience situations differently and when you feel something is true to you, you just have to go for it. Other people’s opinions can cause you to second guess yourself and your fears can start to grow from it, which can stop you right in your tracks – especially when constantly surrounded by negativity.

Someone had told me, “Valerie, maybe you should get a desk job” or “work for a company,” but this isn’t me at all. Some have also said, “Valerie there is no money in coaching.” What? This prolongs the process because you begin to overthink things. When you overthink what someone says, this allows your brain to build up barriers. You also won’t be able to gain any experience if you don’t put your ideas or interests in motion. Figure it out and surround yourself with people who support your decision.

It’s the journey that makes you a badass and leads you to make your dreams come true. It’s pushing through the negative thoughts in your mind and the negative people around you. We’ve all lived through at least a couple of these fears, and I am sure you will push through and do whatever it takes to be an awesome, badass woman, rocking your dreams!

Images from: Yulia GorbachenkoSequoia Emmanuelle, Lucie Bremeault



Thank you so much for your contribution to Hiya Tootsie!, Valerie!

Badass Broads You Should Know: Megan Hannan


Name: Megan Hannan

Age: 34

Location: Aurora, CO

Career: Birth Doula and Yoga Teacher

Website: (professional) and (personal)

Favorite quote or lyric:

Quote: “Not all who wander are lost.” -J. R. R. Tolkien

Lyrics: Oh man, I can’t just pick one! I love music and reach for it often when I’m happy, sad, frustrated, or scared. These are my favs right now:

“Breathe, breathe in the air, cherish this moment, cherish this breath. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone, brand new moon, brand new sun. When you feel life coming down on you, like a heavy weight, when you feel this crazy society adding to the strain, take a stroll to the nearest waters and remember your place. Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before you came. So which way is the wind blowing? What does your heart say?” -Follow the Sun, Xavier Rudd

“Oh, there’s a river that winds on forever, I’m gonna see where it leads. Oh, there’s a mountain that no man has mounted, I’m gonna stand on the peak. Out there’s a land that time don’t command. Wanna be the first to arrive. No time for ponderin’ why I’m a-wanderin’. Nowhere the buses lay […] What good is livin’ a life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in one place?” -Ends of the Earth, Lord Huron


HYT: Make us fangirl. Who are you, what are you about, and what dream(s) are you chasing down?

MEGAN: Hi! My name is Megan, or Meegs to my friends, and I’m a certifying birth doula and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (RYT200). I’m also the mother of a fun, energetic, sassy 6 year old daughter who loves all things Legos and superheros. She is both the light of my life and my biggest button pusher! Ha. I’m originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania where I was born and raised in the country, but have been living in Colorado for just over a year. My husband and I have been together for almost 16 years, and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next month! We were married on Friday the 13th because we’re a little creepy like that.

When I’m nervous or need to decompress, you can often find me in the kitchen. I love cooking and baking. It’s amazing to bring simple ingredients together to create something complex and delicious. And absolutely anytime possible, you’ll find my daughter and I hitting the road together, traveling, and exploring. Before her seventh birthday, my girl will have crossed 25 states off her list, driven across the country twice and 3/4 of the way across the country one more time, and have hit a national park/monument for every year of her life with one to grow on. She’ll also have spent more time camping than a lot of adults I know! It’s amazing to have such a willing and adorable travel buddy.

Besides yoga, birth, cooking, and travel, my passions are writing, reading, and hiking. I’m a tattoo enthusiast and have 12 in my collection so far. I also enjoy photography and am a crusader for the environment and LGBTQ rights. I want to lead a life that changes the damn world!

My dreams are to find success in my business, Rooted Breath, while maintaining a great balance with my family. I want to be able to walk my daughter to school in the morning, head out to teach a yoga class or see a few private yoga clients, then come home and cook an awesome family dinner that we all sit down to while hashing out our days. I want to help women get the births they desire, then come home and watch movies with my family. I want to travel, explore, eventually hit all 50 states (I’m up to 30), and many, many countries around the world (only 3 so far). I want a lovely sunlit studio room in my house by the woods where I can teach private clients and deepen my own practice. Most of all, I want to get to the point where word of mouth gets me all the clients I need!


HYT: Give us some background. How’d you get started on your dream chasing journey and where are you in the chase present day?

MEGAN: I spent 11 years at a good job with amazing people that was slowly draining the life out of me. I had absolutely no passion for it, but felt stuck by all the typical things: time, money, responsibility to family. I found other ways to find passion in my life: writing, yoga, acting as a surrogate, volunteering for a monthly project at a local state park. While those helped, I knew that long term, it wasn’t enough. When we moved to Denver, it was an amazing opportunity to reinvent myself. I had already taken a good hard look at what inspired me and uplifted me, so I knew just what I wanted to do. My husband was amazingly supportive! By not working right away, it allowed me to purse the training I needed, as well as be there to help our daughter through the crazy transition of moving 1700 miles away from any family or friends!

Now a year has passed, my daughter is in full-day school (first grade!), all my trainings are done, and I’ve spent a ton of hours (days… weeks…) building my business. I’m finally at the point in my chase where all the hard work is starting to bear fruit. This is such an exciting part of the journey! I’m getting doula clients and teaching classes and am finally getting to do the things I’ve been working for and dreaming of. I’m also working to get my name out there. There is still a lot of grind to do, as I have to build up my client base so I can start to get those word of mouth referrals!

Best of all, I’m finally starting to feel like I’m coming into myself in a way I always knew I could. I’m doing things that make me feel fuller and more content, not drained. I have more confidence in myself than ever before and feel like I’m finally showing the real me to the world. Not to mention, I’m setting an example for my daughter that says it’s never too late to do what you love.


HYT: Let us peek behind the curtain. What does a typical day look like for you?

MEGAN: The whole of my days vary greatly, which is pretty wonderful! Almost every weekday starts the same. I wake when my daughter does (7:15 a.m. give or take 10 minutes – she’s better than an alarm clock), and we get her ready for school. I make myself a green smoothie and get myself ready too. She plays and I check some email. We walk to her school, I wave her in, then its time to really get my day going!

Tuesdays and Thursdays I teach my two regular yoga classes. It’s a 45 minute drive each way, so that takes up the majority of my day. Its an amazing place though, run by a lovely, authentic woman who’s also killing it in the chasing down your dreams arena – totally worth the time for the drive! I use that time in the car to think of all the things I want to get done on the other days of my week (Siri, remind me to…) or pop in my ear piece and call my family and friends.

Mondays and Wednesdays are my days to meet with doula clients, take some yoga classes, write blog posts, and do business items. Fridays I try to make into my self-care days. I definitely still do errands and work on business items, but I give myself more freedom to dye my hair or watch a movie. I write blog posts or other items for pleasure. I might get lunch with my husband or tea with a girlfriend.

I pick up my daughter after school and we come home to eat a snack and do homework. Mondays and Wednesday we head to swim lessons, the other days she gets some down time to play and relax. Then its dinner as a family, a little more down time, then bedtime. My husband and I relax together, watch some shows, and I do a little more work. Weekends we try to sleep in a little and have some family outings. There are doula group meetings and client meetings for me, work events for my husband, and birthday parties or play dates for my daughter.

I’m also a sub for a few yoga classes, so there’s always a chance I’ll get called into a class. Plus when a client’s due date is near, I could get called into a birth at any time – day or night!

It’s a fun life and I love how different it is every day. Though I’m ready for things to settle down just a little! With so much unpredictability, life can seem a bit crazy sometimes. Especially after a summer full of travel and the subsequent months of hustle. That said, it’s amazing to say no more 8 hours at a desk working for someone else, now I’m up on my feet working for me!


HYT: Real talk. What are you most afraid of as you work toward your dreams and what do you do to combat those fears?

MEGAN: There are a million fears in striking out on your own. Sometimes this whole dream thing feels, well, like a dream! I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and it’s all going to be gone – no more yoga, no more beautiful births. I worry that I’ll freeze up in the middle of teaching a class, or miss the call from a doula client. Heck, I worry that I’ll queef in the middle of demo-ing a pose! Ha!

Then there’s the balance that I’m working so hard to achieve. I had to say no to an opportunity the other day because it just wouldn’t work for my family. I knew it was the right decision and I didn’t hesitate with the “no,” but it’s still hard to turn down an offer when you are just getting started. I worry that I’ll say yes to the wrong opportunity or no to a right one.

Most of my deepest fears go back to one thing: disappointment. I’m always afraid of letting someone down: my client, my family, myself. It’s been one of my biggest stumbling blocks and has kept me from trying for things in the past – sometimes literally making me freeze. As I’ve pursued this dream, I’ve had to make the choice over and over to take the leap and push myself. Of course I’m not going to succeed every time, but you never succeed when you don’t try! I’m slowly learning that no one I love is going to be mad at me for trying and falling short of my goal, but I will be mad at myself if I never even give it a shot. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the choice to try, but it’s still damn scary every single time!


HYT: Go ahead and name drop. Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

MEGAN: Oh man, this question is so hard for me! I get a little jolt of YES every time I see anyone who’s pursing their dreams, owning their uniqueness, and loving life. Anyone from Ruby Rose to Emma Watson, Steve Jobs and Simone Biles; it’s amazing to see people get far their own way.

Personally, my husband Travis is the hardest worker I know. He gives 110%, works a job he loves, and always supports me wholeheartedly. My parents and brother all have such huge hearts and have worked their whole lives to give back to those in need and cheerlead for those they love. Then there’s you, my best friend, Babs! I’ve absolutely loved watching you come into your own and run full force at your dreams! You set goals and hit them full force and you never doubt that your friends can do the same.

Lastly, there’s my daughter, Gwen. She embraces life wholeheartedly and attacks any activity she enjoys with a zeal that energizes all those around her. I want to be the best example to her that I can possibly be because I have no doubt that she can do whatever the hell she wants in life!


HYT: Let’s talk goals. Where do you aim to be 5 years down the line?

MEGAN: Honest talk time: This question is hard for me. Not because I can’t think of where I want to be, but because I’ve been personally trying to move away from this line of thinking! Let me explain. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a dreamer, a “what if”-er, a “when this, then that” talker. It’s absolutely wonderful to imagine what you want to do with your life and dream big, but it’s not so great when it starts to take away from the enjoyment of where you are right now.

During the time when I was working that desk job that I didn’t love, dreaming served both to make me hopeful for the future, but also made me feel a bit hopeless sometimes with where I was that fell so horribly short of the dream, that it was occasionally devastating. It started to get to the point that I was having trouble being happy with what I had and where I was, even in the parts of my life beyond my job. For years I walked around with a vague unhappiness that plagued me. I’d do something special with my family and it would be forgotten, but the second we got back to our regular routine, it would flood back in. It was unfair to my family, horrible for me, and to this day I’m having to conscientiously work to rid myself of that feeling. Because of all that, I’m still working on making the art of dreaming a positive one again!

That said, I can tell you what I’ve been trying to aim for (without getting obsessed with!). I want to be in a beautiful house with a big garden that my family can really settle into and grow in. I want to have a handful of regular, private yoga clients and a class or two that has steady enough attendance to have a real community feel. I want to write regularly. I want to attend 1 – 2 births a month, mostly in an on-call/schedule basis with the local midwifery center. I also want to have a private doula client ever other month or so, and have my reputation as a doula to have grown to the point that word of mouth and referrals get me all the clients I need. Hopefully I’ll be up to 40 states by then and 5 countries, and my daughter (who will be 11 by then!) will still want to travel with me as much as she does now. I hope that she counts me as one of her best friends and still wants to tell me everything. I hope that I’m still holding a work-life balance that leaves me satisfied with how much I’m doing for me, as well as how much I’m doing for we.

Most of all, I want to have re-found my ability to be content with life as is, where it is – no matter what it actually looks like.


HYT: Give it to us straight. What’s your best piece of advice to other women that you’ve personally followed on your own dream chasing journey?

MEGAN: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We all want to prove that we can do it ourselves, but don’t be too proud to reach out to those who’ve done this already. There is no use in reinventing the wheel for every little nitty-gritty detail. Expend that energy instead on all the beautiful things that make your dream unique.

Try not to let the chase consume you. Make sure you are practicing self-care and that even when it feels like everything has to get done right this second, you still take the time to give yourself a physical and mental break. Remember that making yourself sick or sick of will slow down your dream chasing way more than taking an hour off to soak in the tub and read a book.

It’s going to be scary sometimes, but if it feels right, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and jump.


HYT: Megan, you are my forever ride or die. I’m so proud of you, I can barely stand it. I’ve been waiting for you to soar into this season of your life for years, watching the dreaming from a distance, praying it into existence, and now here it is. Here YOU are. You are walking in your power and choosing to be everything you were always designed to be. The journey has freaking SHAPED you, but holy hell, let’s rejoice to the hilts that it’s brought you to such a stunning destination. You are my forever original badass broad and I adore you for always, time after time. Now click my ear, press your nose, and tell me I’m sitting on my mint.

Tootsie crew, if you live in or around the Denver area or have friends and family who do, hook up with my girl. Megan has been my best friend since pre-school. She’s the closet thing to a sister this only child will ever know and she is a phenomenal human being. Her yoga teaching skills are on freaking point and she’s been a powerhouse around babies since we were little. Get in touch with her, meet her, fall in love with her. She’ll change your life. She changes mine every damn day.

Images from: Stevi McNeill (1), Megan Hannan (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9), Kylie Fly (6), Heather Jabornik (8)

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