Uncovering The Gems of Waiting While Dream Chasing



Just saying the word stirs up feelings of fear, hope, and confusion. Waiting can be a good thing, but it can also feel really uncomfortable. We might not be 100% sure what our dreams are, how to refine them, or how to make them come true. Dream chasing only happens one day at a time and unfortunately, waiting is part of the journey.

But here’s the good news: there is purpose in the waiting. There are small steps to take while waiting. It starts inside — in your heart, head, and inner circle of supportive friends and family. Waiting produces patience, perseverance, and commitment to your dreams as they come to fruition.

I like to think about diamonds, pearls, and other gems when I think about pushing through the discomfort of distinguishing and slowly trudging toward dreams. Waiting is gem-producing. We might feel wedged between a rock and a hard place, but that’s the point! That’s how gems are made. Stick with me, and let’s uncover and identify a few precious gems of waiting while dream chasing.


The Gem of Discomfort and Facing our Feelings

Let’s face it, waiting is UNCOMFORTABLE. Uncertainty sucks.

Days drag on. Weeks whittle away our patience, months prompt mourning and grief, and years produce yearning. All of these experiences are entirely human, and part of the amazing spectrum of experiences here on earth. If we can dig in and face our discomfort, we can more fully know ourselves and what we’re made of. We can say, “I pushed through, and I am stronger because of it.”

Brené Brown (all hail Brené) writes in her book The Gifts of Imperfection about living a wholehearted life, and proves in her qualitative research that the more fully we embrace and face our “negative” feelings of grief, shame, and fear, the more fully we can experience positive feelings like joy, love, and peace. These feelings are gems! It’s beautiful to know ourselves deeper and more fully. We’re human and have beautiful, real experiences of both hope and heartbreak.

Dreams, like gems, don’t manifest without some pressure and heat. Diamonds are the hardest, sharpest gem of the bunch and take a massive amount of discomfort to become their radiant selves. Most natural diamonds form at blazing temperatures around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, between 87 – 118 miles deep in the Earth, with about 725,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Minerals in the ground containing carbon provide the source for diamonds and the process can take 1 billion to 3.3 billion years (25% to 75% of the age of the Earth). So if you’re in a pressure-cooker right now, just remember how FINE you will turn out!


The Gem of Slow Clarification of Our Dreams

As far as I know, dreams don’t show up in a pre-packaged box with step-by-step instructions. We have to lay a path as we work toward our dreams, and sometimes the next step isn’t visible from where we’re standing. Experiences can continue to mold and shape our dreams. People we meet might be the link to a new part of our dreams. Maybe one part of our dreams can be realized and moved through, and not play as large a role as we thought in the overall story.

Our dreams might never become completely clarified — there might always be cloudy spots and imperfections. We are always in process, which makes living that much more interesting and worthwhile. In the gem industry, synthetics can be made to look so flawless that they are confused with originals, so real gems with imperfections have become more desirable.

Similarly, we value badass broads who are real, who we can relate to, and who don’t always have all their shit together, but still bravely chase their dreams.

The Gems of the Inner Circle of Friends and Family

Dream-chasing is not a one-woman show.

You, sassy badass broad, are strong, savvy, and capable of pursuing your dreams in quiet, intimate moments as you journal, create vision boards, meditate and/or pray, but it can’t stop there. Some say it takes a village. In my own personal experience, it specifically takes a few close friends and family members — your “squad,” if you will.

For me, I tell different people different things, and have different support systems for different things. It takes time, trust, and sometimes hurt to develop these bonds. I need people to hear my dreams and encourage me to keep chasing. I need people to reaffirm my strengths, passions, and opportunities they see in me and my life. I appreciate my inner circle not only for their love and support, but also for questioning me when something seems off. Waiting can include encouragement, questions, and correction from your helpful supporters.

Worth the Wait

You, my darling, are worth the wait. Your dreams are worth waiting on. Your dreams are worth working toward, sweating for, and crying over. And your dreams are worth supporting, cultivating, and clarifying. Take the baby steps. Take the giant leaps. And take the time to sit still and reflect. You will find so many gems along your dream chasing journey!

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