Thoughts On Lavishing Yourself This Valentine’s Day


You know what you should do this Valentine’s Day?


I started a little self-love ritual last year that I plan to carry on for the rest of my life. 2016’s special little something with a sassy red lingerie number. This year I’m getting myself a nephrite jade egg. I love how lavishing myself with badass lady gifts makes me feel special, boss, sexy, lovely, and womanly. And why not? Am I not worth a little lush and lavish? Aren’t you?

Get on board with this annual self-love treat, girlfriends, and grab yourself a box of Candy Ass Minis. Douse yourself in their badass broad magic and have yourself a beautifully celebratory day. You are worth celebrating. Your dreams are worth celebrating. Hell, daring to believe in yourself and that your dreams matter is worth celebrating!

If you’ve got another woman in your life who needs some reminding of how WILDLY KICK ASS she is (who of us doesn’t?), grab her a box. Write her a note and remind her of what she most needs to hear. Scent and memory are intrinsically tied and because of that, I promise you this is a gift she will never forget.

Check out the full fragrance deets here.

Hold off your ravenous desire for the full-sizes because I’m still sourcing air tight bottles that will sail through the mail without leaks, but baby, get yourself and a girlfriend those minis. These perfumes are truly every bit of my passion, bravery, and dream chasing badassery in a bottle and it’s my sincere privilege to share them and their power with you.

Whatever you do for yourself this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself. Really. Consumeristic holiday aside, why not start a love tradition with yourself just because you can?

I know one thing’s for sure – Imma Galentine’s myself UP.

My personal perfume of choice this V day? Red Hot Candy Ass. All the way. I want to feel like the brazen, take-no-prisoners powerhouse I know I am.

I love you, my badass broads. Here’s to the ferocious beauty and power of being WOMEN.

Images from: Keil Elkins

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