I Have Secrets


You guys. I have secrets. In case anyone is curious why I’ve been sharing throwback Tootsie posts instead of brand spanking new content for the last two weeks, it’s because I AM LOW KEY DYING TO SHARE SO MUCH NEWS WITH YOU AND I CAN’T YET BECAUSE I HAVE SECRETS AND THEY’RE ALL I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT.

Ahem. Ok, maybe it’s not so low key.

But seriously. There is some MAJOR movement happening in my personal dream chasing arena and it’s basically killing me to not talk publicly about any of it yet. I’m the worst at keeping good news to myself. But I’m also the best at screaming joy from the rooftops and there is a friggin joy brigade headed this way!

I foresee partially spilling my guts in a little over a week and fully in a little less than a month.

There are so many things that need to line up, and truly, I’ve never juggled this many important and detailed things at once in my entire life. It’s stressful. But it’s really, REALLY exciting stress.

There’s a massive part of me that can’t wait to get all of you on board, included, and part of the happy shenanigans. You guys know me well enough to know that I’m hyper relational and I KNOW you all are going to show up in huge ways with everything. Your support, excitement, knowledge, advice, and help will rock me, because when you guys show up, you show up BIG.

Openly sharing this leg of my journey will usher so much energy into my world. I have the most fun writing when I get to put my life on display and hear from you that it inspires you and yours. Seriously, I live for that shit all day long.

So here’s to secrets, cryptic updates, and holding out just a LITTLE bit longer.

I love you guys. This is going to be GOOD.

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