Meet The Dream Team

Keil Elkins & Heather Jabornik

Guess what? I still can’t spill my guts on all the exciting crap that’s going down in my world. I’ve let just a pinch of it fly on Facebook, but most everything is still super under wraps. So what I’ll do instead is spill my guts on me and Keil as a couple – who we are and what we love. Personal interest stories are always fun, right?

I call this photo Indie Rock Mafia.

One of Keil’s besties snapped it a couple weeks ago for part of the super secret hushes I can’t share yet. I feel like an ALL CAPS BADASS BISH in this shot and it got me thinking about two things: 1. How powerful, confident, capable, loved, and supported this relationship makes me feel and 2. How genuinely special we are together.

Keil and I each have our own unique passions – writing, spoken word poetry, ideas, possibility, and prophetic prayer light me ALL the way up, and motorcycles and all things vintage and gentlemanly hold his endless attention. But we also have four major passions that overlap:

Jesus, fashion, fragrance, and music.

I never stopped to think about the beauty of this overlap until recently because interest in these things come so effortlessly to both of us.

Sometimes in my quietest and most introspective moments, I wonder what the Lord has in store for us to accomplish together and just how unfathomably badass it’s going to be.

I mean, you guys, take Candy Ass for example. I created the orig all on my own, but I have a perfume line because of him. We created Kiss My and Red Hot together. He pushed me to make another fragrance a month after the original launched back in 2015 and I thought he was nuts. But because we were scheduled to fly out to the East Coast for him to meet my fam and that’s where my supplier is, we went into her shop, played together (for hours), and BOOM. Fragrance line.

That’s special.

Keil’s got an incredible eye for fashion. He realized last year that he absolutely loves scouting out unique and gentlemanly pieces and The Gentleman’s Proper was born. Who knows where it’ll take him, but isn’t that exactly how Sophia Amoruso got her start? I love all kinds of fashion as well, but if there’s one particular niche in the industry that makes me weak in the knees, it’s lingerie. I DREAM of having my own rock & roll lingerie line one day under the Hiya Tootsie! brand umbrella to continue empowering the hell out of badass broads everywhere. I love watching him light up when he finds a threaded diamond in the rough and I’m pretty positive he’ll have zero qualms with me testing out and showing off my line privately before each piece goes public.

That’s special.

We’re both musicians. Keil plays guitar, drums, dabbles on piano, sings, and though he doesn’t read music, can rattle off the key and chords of damn near every song just by listening. I sing, play piano, dabble on guitar, read music, and write. He shines when he leads worship and has dreams of landing a gig leading a full band at a church. I would fall over and die to create a spoken word/song hybrid outfit in the vein of Listener and Hotel Books. Really, all I want to do is write, spit, and sing, and the music can be left to someone else. It’s been a long held dream of mine to meet a man and have unlimited potential to make music together, and now here we are. I gave my life to Christ at a worship concert back in 2002 and he’s excellent at creating instrumental music. The possibilities are endless.

That’s special.

We’ve both been believers for years. When I watch Keil explain deep things of the faith to his daughter like when we stood in the kitchen and she had communion for the first time with saltine crackers and juice that I drank out of a shot glass, when I overheard him explain forgiveness to her, how deeply God forgives us, and how that’s how he wants us to forgive each other, when I see her lift both hands all the way up during worship because she saw him do it first, I see his capacity to teach, love, and lead with excellence. I was a missionary for 9 years prior to what I do now and my heart of hearts continuously boils down to loving people into their right identity and showing them who they really are and who they’re capable of becoming. It didn’t matter then if it was a college kid, porn star, or heroin addict and it doesn’t matter now if it’s a woman who needs someone like me to watch to show her how to chase down her dreams. What Keil and I could do together because of the powerhouse of Jesus at the center of our faith makes me choke up.

That’s special.

Sometimes I think these type of overlapping passions and dreams are much more vulnerable than others. It’s one thing to have dreams for your own life, business, and bucket list, but the moment someone else’s beating heart enters the picture, shit gets real in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Keil’s a mailman by trade and I’ve been freelance writing to pay the bills (and am currently freaking out over the companies who’ve shown interest in hiring me!), but when I think about what’s possible and where we could land, I’m totally awed.

This is who we are and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Image by: Samuel Ross Novinger

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