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You’ve found your crew, wild woman.

My name’s Heather. I’m an East Coast writer living in LA and I started this project for two reasons – me and you. This is where we honor who we are and kick ass at what we love.

I quit my 9 year career at the end of 2014 (find out more here) to write. To this end, if terrifying and liberating decided to have cocktails together one day, this would be the occasion.

Hiya Tootsie! is about defying the odds. It’s about chasing down dreams and shaking shit up on purpose. It’s about owning permission to tap into our wild and do the things that freak us out and light us up. These are the things that shape and change us. These are the things that shape and change the entire world. 

Be on the lookout for regular features and email me if you’ve got killer ideas about the kind of recurring content you want to see. Get the word out. Invite your crew to read the blog, pass your favorite posts around social media, and join our badass believers on Facebook. You can also hit HYT! up on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin.

And last but not least – this one’s for the dudes. Hiya Tootsie! is specially designed with chicks in mind, but we welcome you with open arms. You’re amazing.

Look for published posts every Thursday, my foxy femmes!

Here’s to GOING FOR IT!

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